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Mark Felton

Why is the clinic called Advantage Physiotherapy?

As a rugby referee my favourite law is law 7. The law of advantage.  "If a team gains an advantage following an infringement by their opponents, the referee may allow play to continue in an effort to keep the game flowing".

This is where a good referee is not noticed as he allows the game to flow naturally.

I strive to be such a physiotherapist.

Mark has been employed in public and private practice and has a special interest in the orthopaedic/sports injury practice side of physiotherapy. Everyone is a sportsman, from the Olympian to the gardener, we all need our level of athleticism.

Since moving to Vancouver Island he has maintained his interests in rugby as a referee, soccer as a coach and now for his own fitness; road cycling, badminton and kayaking.

Proudly raising 4 children to adulthood with his wife Jo he has continued to study physiotherapy with recent qualifications in spinal manipulation, IMS, critical thinking and the study of evidence in physiotherapy. 

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