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Richard F

"When provincial social distancing requirements closed the Advantage Physiotherapy office, I was worried. Physiotherapy is an essential part of a successful knee replacement but I was skeptical about video therapy sessions.
I have been more than pleasantly surprised. Mark’s Telehealth sessions have been remarkably helpful. My knee is progressing very well and I owe a large part of that success to my video sessions with Mark. Telehealth allowed Mark to closely observe my progress through a variety of exercises, suggest improvements to my technique while also adding to the exercises to advance my progress".

David W

Mark has been treating me for years for chronic back and neck issues. He accomplishes so much, is very knowledgeable, and works in a hands on manner. He is highly ethical and concerned about patient welfare. No getting plugged into a machine here. Far and away the best practitioner I have engaged over the years.

Jean C (sister)

Thank you Mr. Felton (for the exercise program you sent from Advantage Physiotherapy).


 I’d also like to commend you on your sweet ‘bedside manner’ with my sister, Kathy. 


Sometimes people with disability don’t get any respect - but you spoke to Kathy directly and  - even though she won’t remember your specific instructions (my job!) - she certainly took away from the appointment a feeling of being heard and directly responded to. This isn’t always the case and we both appreciate you. 

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